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Mastering the Art of Photography Sales - Go from Click to Cash with this easy to understand guide to selling your photography.

The whole idea of selling your work to clients can be daunting and overwhelming at the best of times if you have never done it before. How do you get someone to spend money with you and feel like they are not being sold a product?
These techniques will teach you the methods of sales that will work for you and what to avoid.

Learn the difference between the hard sell and the soft sell, cognitive dissonance, the straw man, and other sales techniques used by professional salespeople. You'll also learn how to use these in your own sales and how to better understand your customers and how to convert better sales. Recognise how to find out what your customer wants and how to connect with them on a more personal level to keep them coming back.

The methods in this guide will teach you to have more confidence in dealing with customers, how to create return customers, and have people spend more money with you.

With over twenty years of photography experience and over ten years in retail sales and training, Amanda Lee Starkey brings you this comprehensive guide on how to become a better photography salesperson.

Mastering the Art of Photography Sales

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